Humble Beginnings

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Who We Are
Our story begins like many others with a passion of drinking great craft beer. However, in true FreeThinkers Brewing style, we quickly became unhappy with the status quo. An unlikely pair, became friends and decided to change the way in which people think about craft beer. Vinny (the short guy) taught Ray (the clean shaven guy) how to brew and after a long day of drinking too much on brew day, Ray came up with the idea of transforming the homebrew into jelly to cook. Naturally, Vinny thought this is was the stupidest idea ever. In typical Ray fashion, he would not let the idea go, so Vinny took his molecular complexity mad scientist brain and created the first prototype jelly just to prove to Ray that he was out of his mind. However, Ray proved to hold the real genius and that was to never give up on something you believe in. Since that time, Ray and Vinnie have combined both their unique skill sets and opposite personalities to find new and innovative ways to share their passion with the world and to revolutionize the craft beer industry, one delicious meal at time.

Our Company
FreeThinkers Brewing. is a beer-centric company using craft beer in a multitude of freethinkingways. We are two opposite minded, "out of the box" brewing buddies that started this crazy adventure in 2015 to share our passion of craft beer with the world. Our company stands for the ultimate freedom from conformity and serves as the platform to inspire others to creatively deviate from traditional thought. No matter what end of the spectrum you fall on, all are welcome into our beer family so long as they continue to push themselves and challenge the world.

Like we always say, "the true FreeThinkers are our customers."

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